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Rational use of ceramic roller

Rational use of ceramic roller
The newly purchased ceramic roller must be inspected once for quality before use. The contents of the inspection are: 1 dimensional tolerance of the roller; 2 bending strength; 3 thermal shock resistance; 4 refractoriness; 5 wear resistance.
1 The correct use of ceramic roller
1 The inner cavity of the newly purchased roller bar should be filled with 100mm long ceramic loose cotton, and marked at one end of the roller bar. It should be used once in the kiln and marked once to determine the length of time the roller rod is used.
2 The surface of the roller into the kiln should be coated with a protective coating. The length of the sizing is generally 100mm longer than the effective width of the kiln. The thickness is between 0.8 and 1.2mm. It can be sizing twice. The surface of the roller should be cleaned before sizing.
The 3 roller bars should be preheated and dried for 24 hours before being placed in the furnace.
4 on the base paint, it is necessary to replace the sticky roller stick in time, generally adopts cooling to 800 °C to replace the roller stick.
The 5-roller should be loaded as fast as possible in the kiln, and the roller should be properly cooled to prevent local chills.
6 The extracted roller should adopt the correct cooling method, and should not be placed directly on the ground. Generally, the mechanical rotating bracket is used to cool the roller. After groping, the method of vertically suspending the cooling roller is economical, labor-saving, and effective.
7 After the replacement of the sticky roller rod, it must be carefully checked for straightness, diameter, etc. for reuse.
8 Selecting a reasonable blank formula and brick primer, roller surface coating can reduce the chemical corrosion of the roller body and reduce the occurrence of broken roller accidents.
2 Comprehensive utilization of ceramic roller rods
1 The high temperature zone roller is used about 10 times, and can be placed in the pre-tropical low temperature zone. The roller bar of the pre-tropical life can be placed in the kiln head and kiln tail area.
2 When the roller rod has large bending deformation and excessive surface wear, the diameter becomes small, and it can be placed in the front part of the pre-tropical zone or the cooling zone. The pre-tropical motor speed ratio is adjusted to reduce the gap between each row of blanks to offset the imbalance caused by the roller rod factors. Excessively large roller bars can be cut into short roller bars.
3 The roller rods used in our roller kiln have two lengths. One is 2630mm and one is 2260mm. When the long roll bar breaks but the length is still 2260mm, it can be cut into short roll bars. When less than 2260mm, it can be lengthened with round steel at one end. One end of the round steel is inserted into the inner cavity of the roller rod to a depth of 100 mm, and the surface is threaded into the groove. The adhesive is applied during assembly, and the outer end is processed into the outer diameter of the roller. By adding about 5 yuan, you can use the broken roller. When the roller bar breaks into two parts, it can be connected with a hollow round pipe whose outer diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the roller bar and whose length is about 200-250mm. The surface of the car is still in the form of a thread groove, and two adhesive rollers can be used to grow the stick. From the point of view of the use process, the reuse of the broken roller is completely feasible. It should be noted, however, that the broken roll bar, which uses metal as the medium, must not be used in high temperature areas.