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Dehua porcelain on the plum decoration

Plum blossom is one of the traditional flowers in China. It has a long history and extensive and far-reaching influence. As early as 3,000 years ago, China began to plant plum blossoms, which are recorded in The Book of Songs, Shan Hai Jing and Shang Shu. Since the Southern Dynasties, especially since the Tang and Song Dynasties, plum blossoms have appeared in the works of literature and art in large numbers. In the painter's pen, plum blossoms are often associated with pine and bamboo, called "three friends of the cold" or "four gentlemen" together with orchids, bamboo and chrysanthemum.
The love of the Chinese people for a long time and the love of plum blossoms cannot but affect the ceramic artists. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, Dehua Kiln has inherited and developed plum blossoms as a traditional form and decoration technique. It has decorated plum blossoms on various objects and used decorative techniques such as embossing, stacking, painting, and printing to form Dehua Kilns. The unique style of porcelain. Now introduce a few pieces of utensils for Tibetans to appreciate.
Qing Dynasty plum bottle. Extravagant mouth, thin neck, shoulders, abdomen, the foot is squatting, the shape is Xuan Ang, each side of the abdomen is attached with a lion's ear, and the outer wall is adorned with plum and bird ornamentation. It is concise and vivid, quite expressive, decals and artifacts are combined. , looks symmetrical, vivid and cute.
Qing Dynasty blue and white "three friends of the ages" bottle. The shape of the object is tall and beautiful, plum, pine, bamboo, known as the "three friends of the cold", vivid and vivid in the artist's pen, its decoration and utensils are seamless, the style is fresh, and there is an elegant and fresh charm.
Qing Dynasty plum pattern bowl. Using the die-printing technique, the plum pattern is carved on the model in advance, and the compact is slightly modified after molding, and the object exhibits a corresponding pattern, and has a different flavor.
In the Qing Dynasty. The theme is prominent and interesting, with allegorical meanings, good things, good vistas, scenery, and things. “Peony blossoms and is blessed with joy”, giving people a sense of celebration, good fortune, and blessing. It is the top grade of Dehua porcelain.