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Dehua promotes ceramic product structure upgrade

Since July 1, the export tax rebate for some commodities has been lowered again, and the tax rebate rate for ceramics and resin products has dropped from 8% to 5%. After the announcement of this news, the deuterization of porcelain in the industry with high export-oriented and labor-intensive process ceramics has attracted wide attention.
According to the staff of Dehua County State Taxation Bureau, the reduction of Dehua ceramics enterprises will reduce the tax refund of more than 60 million yuan, which is the net profit of export enterprises, which is usually called "money heart". The downward adjustment of the tax rebate rate directly affects the cost accounting and profit of ceramic enterprises. In the face of new tests, relevant departments and enterprises of Dehua have carried out research and actively promoted the upgrading of export commodity structure.
Advocate energy saving and reduce costs
It is understood that the damage rate of ceramic production is between 3% and 5%, and the cost of recycling and recycling of damaged waste ceramics is greater than the cost of re-purchasing clay production. Therefore, most ceramic enterprises in Dehua are not willing to waste ceramics. Recycle and reuse, but directly discard.
In the face of increasingly severe export situation, Dehua ceramic enterprises began to tackle the use of waste porcelain, and quickly achieved success. They crushed the waste porcelain, added additives, and mixed it with porcelain clay in a certain proportion. This will not only affect the quality of the ceramics, but also greatly reduce the furnace temperature requirements. It is understood that Dehua Ningchang Ceramics Co., Ltd. has developed the "Waste Porcelain Recycled Ceramics" process and realized industrialization, with an annual output value of more than 10 million yuan. More than 30 gypsum recycling enterprises jointly established the Dehua County Gypsum Industry Science and Technology Association to vigorously develop the recycled gypsum industry. The annual recycling of waste gypsum generated by ceramic molds is 220,000 tons, saving more than 80 million yuan for the ceramic industry. Dehua Jiamei Group recycles more than 90% of the scraps and scraps in the ceramic production and packaging process, and even the waste foam is reused, the cost is reduced, and the economic benefit is increased by 5%. It is understood that the current recycling of waste porcelain clay, waste gypsum, packaging products, insulation materials, waste ceramics, ceramics, tailings recycling, etc., the regeneration rate in Dehua County has reached more than 90%. According to rough estimates, the economic output value of resource recycling in Dehua County amounts to 600 million yuan, accounting for about 7% of the total industrial output value.
Adjust product structure, open up domestic market
Dehua ceramics exports are no longer spring unlimited. However, the domestic economy has maintained a good momentum of sustained growth. The living standards of large and medium-sized urban residents have continued to increase, and home furnishings have become increasingly sophisticated. These have brought a vast domestic market to Dehua Ceramics.
Dehua County government attaches importance to guiding ceramic companies to adjust their product mix, cultivate the domestic market, pay equal attention to both internal and external sales, adhere to the “two legs” walk, and organize a group of companies to hold the Dehua Ceramics Fair in large domestic cities each year. Organizing an exhibition, there are more than 10 games each year. Dehua Ceramics has rapidly expanded its domestic market and more and more ceramics orders are flying into Dehua. Dehua Hongsheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. and Hengyi Ceramics Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. are two large-scaled enterprises of Dehua. Since 2005, the two companies jointly explore the domestic craft market. Now they have successfully developed high-end "China White", red glazed ceramics, crystal glaze ceramics and other products, and the products have also begun to sell well in the major handicraft markets across the country. According to the person in charge of the project, they achieved a sales target of 1.5 million in the domestic market last year and are expected to double this year.
According to a professional who has long been concerned about the development of Dehua ceramics industry, Dehua Ceramics has to successfully exit the export tax rebate policy and must do the following.
First, grasp the effective demand of the market and focus on product development. According to the requirements of domestic and foreign markets, research and comparison of popular styles, popular varieties and customs of various countries in the world, through the information of market feedback, on the basis of inheriting traditional porcelain carving techniques, attach importance to relying on advanced technology in porcelain clay Research and development of formula and appearance, improve the level of technology, increase the artistic connotation, and introduce new products that meet the environmental protection requirements of today's world, such as nano-ceramics, rare earth ceramics, and decomposable. Ceramics, etc., improve product quality and grade, and enhance product market competitiveness.
The second is to strengthen the application research of ceramic materials and promote product diversity. Do not stick to the traditional industry, make more articles on the application and research of new materials, increase the research and development of modern ceramics such as special ceramics, precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, improve the scientific and technological content of ceramic products and the added value of products, and expand the products in China. The share of the external market.
The third is to take the ceramic industry as the leader and promote the coordinated development of related industries. Extend the ceramic industry chain, continue to expand the field of ceramic production, and develop matching resin, bamboo and rattan, candles, iron and other handicrafts, and promote the related industries of ceramic machinery, ceramics, porcelain mining, color printing and packaging, refractory materials, etc. development of.