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Add:Chengdong Industrial Zone,Dehua County,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,China

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The Director of the National Copyright Administration visited Dehua to inspect and guide the copyright protection work of Dehua.

China Ceramics Network News, August 17, Director of the National Copyright Administration, Director General of the State Press and Publication Administration, Provincial and Municipal Copyright Bureau, and other leaders, at the Dehua County Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda Tu Jianjian, Dehua County Deputy Governor Wu Zhiwei, Deputy Research Affiliation with Huang Fajian et al. Investigated the copyright registration service center of Dehua County, Guanfu Ceramics Co., Ltd., Huide Ceramics Co., Ltd., Hongyi Ceramics Research Institute, and China White Arts Palace. After the appointment of Yan Xiaohong, the copyright work of Dehua County was given. very sure. Qi Xiaohong pointed out that the Dehua county government attaches great importance to the work of copyright protection of ceramics. Through copyright protection, it has greatly stimulated the company's ability for independent innovation, standardized the order of the ceramic industry, and promoted the healthy development of the local economy. He emphasized that the “Dehua experience” tells us that copyright work must firmly grasp the most important task in the new era of safeguarding national innovation spirit and serving economic construction, and always persist in serving the overall situation of local economic development. Only around the center and the overall service, copyright work can accomplish a lot. Yan Xiaohong pointed out that to promote the development of the copyright industry, it is necessary to combine the innovation, application, protection and management of copyright. An important part of the “Dehua experience” is that enterprises value innovation and government protection innovation, and innovation is the source of vitality for enterprise development. At the same time, the purpose of innovation is to form value. The value of innovation can only be realized through the market. Therefore, we must pay attention to the application of innovation results, timely industrialization of innovation results, and promote the authorized use and widespread dissemination of copyright works. The government should increase the protection of copyright innovations and create a fair market environment for fair trade and fair competition for industrial development.
Related Links Since the mid-1990s, Dehua County of Fujian Province has achieved remarkable results by regulating the development of the ceramic industry through copyright registration and protection. In 2001, the county copyright registration service center was established. Relevant departments have increased copyright protection and law enforcement. Up to now, 4,610 works have been registered for enterprises, effectively mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation and regulating the market order of the ceramic industry. In 2006, the county's ceramic output value was 4.705 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the total industrial output value. In the first half of 2007, the total ceramic output value was 2.842 billion. Since 2006, it has won two famous Chinese brands, four famous ceramics brands in China, and two export-oriented brands in China. There are 4 national inspection-free products. [Chinese Ceramics Network: Huang Lixiang]