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Add:Chengdong Industrial Zone,Dehua County,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,China

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Dehua's five major platforms upgrade the ceramic industry

In recent years, Dehua County, Fujian Province has continuously increased its investment, and has established five public service platforms for the ceramic industry cluster, including science and technology public services, talent guarantee, culture and sales, bank-enterprise cooperation and policy support, to promote the rapid development and optimization of the ceramic industry. upgrade.
Dehua Ceramics Industry Cluster is one of the key industrial clusters cultivated in Fujian Province and is currently facing a critical period of transformation and upgrading. To this end, the county invested more than 20 million yuan to support the "Fujian Ceramic Industry Technology Development Base", "National Torch Program Dehua Ceramic Industry Base" and "China Private Technology Promotion" for the common and key issues that restrict the improvement of industrial technology level. Construction of Huidehua Ceramic Park. A scientific and technological public service platform with quality inspection, information service, technology development management and training as the main content was initially established to provide technical support for enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry.
Talent is the guarantee for industrial development. The county adopts the form of public assistance, with government investment as the mainstay, supplemented by corporate capital, and invested a total of 100 million yuan to establish Dehua Ceramics Vocational and Technical College. The college is the only full-time higher vocational and technical school in the country supported by county-level financial support. It is responsible for cultivating high-level ceramic professional and technical talents and management talents.
The county has also invested more than 20 million yuan to support the construction of ceramic cultural infrastructure, while actively supporting enterprises to expand market space and build a culture and marketing platform for enterprises.
In addition, Dehua Finance also strives to build a bank-enterprise cooperation platform and policy support platform for enterprises. They invested 1.3 million yuan to support the establishment of Dehua County SME Loan Guarantee Fund; hold a silver enterprise supply and demand negotiation meeting, the government set up a platform to achieve information communication between banks and enterprises; establish "Dehua County Bank-enterprise communication electronic information platform" It provides a more convenient and long-lasting information interaction platform for banks to communicate within their jurisdiction. According to the development plan of the ceramic industry, the government also introduced a series of fiscal and taxation preferential policies each year to effectively enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises and promote industrial upgrading. Through the construction of the above five service platforms, Dehua has successively cultivated 8 companies with a tax payment of 10 million yuan and 205 companies with a value of 500,000 yuan.